Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Rogues' Gallery: Secret Origins #41 (June 1989)

Here is a freelance job I drew and lettered from a script by Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn of Blue Devil fame (and I believe they also performed at weddings!). This is one of those work-for-hire assignments that earned me a rep as a primadonna hack from my erstwhile publisher, but I think it turned out rather well, and still holds up. In fact, I've always been rather fond of this piece, as it shows a more serious, relaxed superhero style emerging out of the overworked early Megaton Man and Border Worlds, just as the opening chapter of my career at Kitchen Sink Press was coming to a close.


  1. Somehow I missed your mainstream work- Odd, since I was working in a comic shop during June 1989 and the months before. Seeing this now is like seeing a comic from an alternate timeline "What if Don Simpson drew for Marvel or DC comics in the 80's?"

  2. I often thought, if I had grown up within a couple hours' train ride to NYC, I'd have been working among Romita's Raiders as a teenager, and probably penciling fill-in issues by twenty, maybe a regular series soon thereafter. Alas, I grew up in Detroit, and went to art school, and otherwise got all pretentious in my exile from where the action was!